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Double Breasted Dress Suit

Double Breasted Dress Suit

Double Breasted Dress Suit

Double Breasted jacket became hugely popular in the 1930’s and enjoyed some resurgence in the 1980’s. We still keep our stock refreshed for the Academic and purist out there still loyal to the DB Dress Suit. Whether we are about to see a 21st century revival is up to you.

Generally worn as a 2 piece due to the fact most waistcoats would be hidden by the crossover in front. This is a formal Tuxedo and has a very ceremonial feel to it.

The Double Breasted Dress Suit as shown is avaiable to Purchase only at €499 and includes a bow or neck tie.

We offer a number of different cuts in Tuxedo trousers and recommend either a classic single pleat or flat fronted “Giselle” trouser  be worn with this black tie suit depending on your own body shape.

 Seeing Double

The Double Breasted Dress Suit doesn’t require a waistcoat but we have plenty of Bows, Scarfs and accessories below to double your chances of being the best dressed on the night.




Reserving a Double Breasted Dress Suit

The Double Breasted is a modest seller and as such is less stocked than some styles and really will need to be booked and fitted at least 5 working days before collection  This dress suit is available from Mens Size Short 36 right through to Long 48.

For more general information about fitting, reserving and renting a tuxedo….. Click Here.

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