Dinner Jacket

3 Button Dinner Jacket

3 Button Dinner Jacket

Dinner Jacket

Known in the U.K. as a “DJ” the  Dinner Jacket is considered the most business formal out of the evening wear range. If attending an Industry dinner or awards you’ll not be out of place with a 3 button.

Shown here as a 3 piece with black necktie the dinner jacket lends itself well (but not exclusively) to tall and thin body shape.

The 1 button is great value at €110 to hire including suit, slim or regular fit fly front shirt in wing or plain collar, and a bow or skinny tie, any waistcoat can be added for €25.

While our extra slim Marcella shirt option with this outfit can be added for just €20 it may be better displayed without the waistcoat so its generally one or the other with this 3 Button dinner jacket.

We offer a number of different cuts in Tuxedo trousers and recommend either flat fronted “Giselle” trouser or slim leg “Suri”  be worn with this black tie suit depending on your own body shape and height.

Dinner Jacket side orders

Again the dinner jacket is commonly worn as a three piece by combining it with any of our black waistcoats as above. It also combines well with cummerbunds or braces to give an altogether different look.

Reserving a dinner jacket

The 3 button is well stocked and while it should be booked and fitted at least 5 working days before collection we can prepare your suit in hours if needed. This Dinner jacket is available from Mens Size Short 36 right through to L48.

For more general information about fitting, reserving and renting a tuxedo….. Click Here.

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