Funeral Suit Hire

When attending an Irish funeral, it’s essential for a man to dress respectfully and appropriately to honor the solemn occasion and pay tribute to the departed. A funeral suit hire can be an excellent choice, ensuring a polished and dignified appearance without the need for a permanent investment. Opt for a classic black or dark navy suit, paired with a crisp white or subdued shirt. Complete the ensemble with a somber tie and polished shoes. Remember, simplicity and modesty are key, as the focus should be on honoring the deceased and supporting loved ones during their time of mourning.

Although shown as a 3 piece with waistcoat the most common Funeral Suit Hire is that of a Black 2 Piece with plain shirt and solid black Tie.

To Book in a fitting please use the Single Suit hire on our Appointment page for larger party’s please call ahead to reserve a time.

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