Suit Fittings

We recommend 2 fittings for Wedding or Tuxedo hire as detailed below.

Wedding Hire

First Fittings:

All members of the party should get in to be fitted 4 months – 1 month (min) before the collection date. Preferably no more than 2 in the store at one time.

Our Opening Times for fitting appointments are Mon – Thurs 10am -6pm and Friday / Saturday 10am – 4pm. We close Sunday and Bank Holidays.

Each must book a (Member of Wedding party) Slot using this link https:// and Wearing a White Shirt and dark socks is Recommended please. We can fit 2 into 1 slot depending on the items being rented call if unsure.

Long Distance:

If anyone cannot visit the store they can try an affiliate store or Submit sizes via our website If you would rather visit a local store and send on your sizes that’s fine but please read the list from our site and use the link to submit. Once we have checked them we will send an email with any queries and suggest a visit before the collection date after travel.

Collection & Final Fit:

The Collection date and return are on your quotation form or email their availability will be confirmed upon receipt of a booking deposit. Our tailor is available 11am – 5.45 weekdays and on hand for any fine-tuning you require at pickup time. If shirts and shoes are not included with your chosen package then its  best to bring them to the collection to try with your suit. Collections are walk-in basis if arriving in 1;s or 2’s.

Its highly recommended for each member to collect his own suit on the agreed collection date from 11am onward.  This policy has helped us provide the best fit possible to many satisfied customers.  If you can see any reason one may not, have them contact us please so we can try to arrange a 2nd fitting subject to previous rentals.

Tuxedo Hire

First Fitting…

Fittings for Tuxedos are by appointment see times here: . We would try as much of the suit on as is possible/available at this time and your suit will be marked and tailored to exact fit prior to collection.

If you have used our Tuxedo service before there may be no need to have the initial fitting and we can reorder your last outfit to save you a trip. Please use the contact page and if you have a rough idea of the last date of hire we can find your details in minutes.

Final Fitting/Collection…

This fitting takes place on collection where you will be asked to try on any items that were subject to alteration to ensure 100% satisfaction. We understand that sometimes things will crop up and if these fittings both need to take place in the same day we can accommodate.

Short on Notice ?

If you have just received a Black Tie Invite, don’t worry just book a time below, come along to the store and we will fit you from the available stock and have you ready to go in 20-30 Mins. This express service involves selecting a Style and size in coat and only fine tuning alterations to the pants. [20% Supplement] 

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