Measurement Upload

This may be up to 2 Inches more than you buy in Jeans/Chinos Don’t worry !

You can double check on a pair of good fitting trousers you own..

1 - Close waist and zip

Close the Zip & Waist and Lay Flat

2 - Measure diameter of Waist and multiply by 2 for circumference

Measure Across fully extended waist and multiply by 2







This measurement might be new to you but it’s very accurate and worth doing.

3 -Measure full outsuide seam

Lay your best fitting Trousers Flat and Measure Top to Bottom as shown.







Chest Circumference

Measure all around Chest & Back at armpit.









The Jacket Sizes we stock are in the UK sizing system, They consist of an even number for chest circumference

and a letter S /R / L denoting the Sleeve and Body Length. If you have other information please add to comments section.

Full Arm from A to C

Full Arm from A to C






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